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  •      geoforma textile composed of single module;2
  •      developed for molding in place inside or outside water;
  •      synthetic polymer blend fabric, yarn PP (Polypropylene), LDPE (Low Density Polypropylene) and PA (Plastic), 1200 denier, twisted and fibrilizados;
  •      internal tensioners PP rope;
  •      molding "in situ", even in the presence of water, with specific, mobile, easily transportable and 50mm hoses booster pump;
  •      working with fine machined concrete additive of different strengths, according to the work;
  •      waiver cofferdams deviations watercourses or pumping;

Exclusive "single stream" microfiltrante system:

  • does not allow water ingress from outside to inside of the textile geoforma;
  • is able to drain the excess water from the concrete inside out;
  • ensures the quality of concrete, its texture, structure, tensile strength and durability.


  • articulate and with thicknesses from 10 to 25cm;
  • excellent flexibility and ease of adaptation to adjustments resulting from the movement of the soil;
  • recommended for soils with low support value, organic and even expansive.


  • with internal tensoramento of PP cable thicknesses of 20cm to 30cm;
  • rigid characteristics;
  • recommended for soils with good amount of support and good stability.

    Molding type E-20, with mortar of cement and sand or micro-concrete, indicated by the designer on the dash.

Roughness coefficients (Manning = RM) for clean water:

  •  COLCHACRETO type "A" = 0,022
  •  COLCHACRETO type "E" = 0,020

Economics and resistance:

  • disposable after 3 days, after filling the geoforma;
  • mechanical strength of concrete measured machined battery of test;
  • shaped by the undisturbed system;
  • subjected to durability testing, as SC-3 method ABCP - Brazilian Portland Cement Association.